women & hiv/aids

UNIFEM, UNAIDS and Johnson & Johnson announce Grants for combined strategies to end violence against women and prevent HIV and AIDS - 1 March 2007

Empowering Women, Preventing HIV/AIDS - CEDPA Fact Sheets

Special Booklet  by The Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA)

International Women’s Health Coalition
HIV and Women resource page

Human Rights Watch Women and HIV
Resource page

Women's human rights related to health-care services in the context of HIV/AIDS
WHO working paper series No 5

Women and HIV/AIDS: Confronting the Crisis

Preventing mother to child transmission
Bridget Haire - Vaccines Policy Analyst with AFAO.

Stop Violence Against Women Fight AIDS
Global Coalition on Women and AIDS

Triple Jeopardy: Women & AIDS
Panos Global AIDS Programme report

Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA)
A worldwide alliance of civil society groups, networks of women with HIV and AIDS, governments and UN organisations.

Women Children and HIV
Resources on women and children and mother to child transmission.

International Labor Organisation's Gender & AIDS page

Gender and AIDS
This web portal provides resources on the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Hosted by Health development

Gender Violence: Its impact on HIV/AIDS
Judith King from the WCRP-HIVAN forum Workshop – 11 August 2005



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