Abortion resources

Not Yet Rain, a short film by Lisa Russell, produced in association with Ipas, explores abortion in Ethiopia through the voices of women who have faced the challenge of finding safe care. Through their stories, we see the important role that safe abortion care plays in the overall health of women and their families.

IPAS has worked for three decades to increase women's ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights and to reduce deaths and injuries of women from unsafe abortion. Ipas's global and country programs include training, research, advocacy, distribution of equipment and supplies for reproductive-health care, and information dissemination.

Improving access to safe abortion
New advocacy tool in three languages by IPAS & Family Care International 2006

Medical Abortion in Bihar and Jharkhand: A study of service providers, chemists, women and women
This study interviews abortion service providers, pharmacists and citizens to measure knowledge and use of the method in two Indian states.

Sparking dialogue: Initiating community conversation on safe abortion
A step-by-step guide, coauthored by Ipas and PATH, for developing behavior change communication (BCC) strategies that can help increase women's access to safe services.

5 portraits, many lives: How unsafe abortion affects women everywhere
This publication puts a human face on the issue to which Ipas has dedicated 30 years: the need to ensure access to safe abortion services for all women, no matter how rich or poor, no matter where they live.


Estimates of hospital admissions in study by Guttmacher Institute, US WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION AND THE LANCET
The World Health Organisation has joined The Lancet medical journal in a campaign for the "proper positioning" of sexual and
reproductive health -
READ Executive Summary of Lancet series

Abortion in Women's Lives
The Guttmacher Institute 2006

What the International Conference on Population Says About Abortion

The World’s Abortion Laws
Centre for Reproductive Rights April 2005

Global Safe Abortion Fund
International Planned Parenthood Federation

Death and Denial: Unsafe Abortion and Poverty
International Planned Parenthood Federation 2006

Psychological Effects of Termination of Pregnancy: A summary of the literature 1970-2000
Newcastle Institute of Public Health

Children, Youth and Unsafe Abortion
International Sexual and Reproductive Rights Coalition Factsheet September 2001

Fetal Pain: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence
Journal of the American Medical Association, August 24-31, 2005

Religious Voices Worldwide Support Choice: Pro-choice Perspectives in Five World Religions
Centre for Reproductive Rights Breifing paper September 2005

Late Abortion
Marie Stopes International's research study of women undergoing abortion between 19 and 24 weeks gestation

Catholics and Abortion Notes on Canon Law No.1
Catholics for a Free Choice (2003)

The Facts Tell the Story: Catholics and Choice
Catholics for a Free Choice

Reflections of a Catholic Theologian On Visiting An Abortion Clinic
By Daniel C. Maguire Catholics for a Free Choice

You Are Not Alone—Information For Catholic Women About the Abortion Decision
Catholics for a Free Choice


What Do Australians Think About Abortion?
ARHA January 2006

Abortion Law in Australia
Parliamentary Library of Australia, Law and Bills Digest Group Research Paper 1, 1998-99

Abortion and the Law in New South Wales
Research Service, Parliament of New South Wales

How Many Abortions are There in Australia? A Discussion of Abortion Statistics, Their Limitations and Options for Improved Statistical Collection
Parliamentary Library of Australia, Social Policy Section, Research Brief no. 9 2004–05

Questions on Notice: Pregnancy Counselling Services Senator Despoja 9 August 2005
Responder- Senator Kay Patterson

Association for the Legal Right to Abortion (WA)

Who's Life?
By Rachel Power - 01 Nov 2004, Arena Magazine, No. 73, Oct–Nov 2004



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