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UNFPA State of the World Population Report Launch

Domestic Issues for ARHA

Family Planning in Australia's Aid Program

ARHA was instrumental in the campaign to change the way Australia funds family planning in its aid program. ARHA campaigned long and hard for the changing of the AusAID Family Planning Guidelines that had been in place since 1996 and acted as a demonstrable disincentive for Australian aid providers to identify, plan and deliver sexual and reproductive health programs. Since their introduction the AusAID Family Planning Guidelines saw a reduction and/or removal of family planning activities and funding across the aid sector. The percentage of funding for family planning decreased in absolute terms from $6.8 million in 1995/6 to $2.28 million in 2006/7. As a percentage of total aid, family planning declined from 0.44% to 0.07%, which represented a decrease of 84% from 1995 to 2007.

The new Guiding Principles, released in 2009, support the same range of family planning services for women in developing countries as are supported for women in Australia, subject to the national laws of the relevant nation. For more information on the new principles visit the AusAID website

ARHA welcomed the 2008 decriminalisation of abortion in Victoria.

ARHA made a submission in 2008 to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee Inquiry into item 16525 in Part 3 of Schedule 1 to the Health Insurance (General Medical Services Table) Regulations 2007, which examined the effects of removing Medicare funding for second trimester and late-term abortion. For more information on the Inquiry click here.

ARHA was also involved in the successful overturning of an Australian import law which effectively banned RU486 or Mifepristone which is used in medical abortions, see the Australian Senate Community Affairs Committee's web page for detailed information on the issue. ARHA remains involved and engaged in monitoring the progress of the approval and importing of RU486.


UNFPA Annual State of the World Population Report Launch

Each year ARHA is charged with the Australian Launch of the State of the World Population report.

ARHA has previously held the launch at parliament house and other venues with a strong involvement from committed parliamentarians, diplomats and UN agency representatives.

Each year the report focuses on a different area of the ICPD Programme of Action and this gives ARHA a great base with which to promote different ICPD issues to a large audience.

Previous topics have been The Promise of Equality: Gender Equity, Reproductive Health and the Millennium Development Goals, The Cairo Consensus at Ten: Population, Reproductive Health and The Global Effort to End Poverty, Making 1 Billion Count: Investing in Adolescents' Health and Rights and Footprints and Milestones: Population and Environmental Change.

All of the reports are available on UNFPA's website.


UNFPA State of World Population 2009

ARHA launched the UNFPA State of World Population Report 2009 on 18 November at Parliament House, Canberra.

To see the report online click here

Australian media coverage of the report -

Radio Australia


Sydney Morning Herald





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