Curriculum Kit
on Population & Development

A major focus of ARHA's activities is educational work with young people. Over the past few years we have run a series of youth conferences titled "Planet Without a Plan". These are educational seminars which generally involve groups of students from several schools. Topics discussed include sustainable development, global population issues, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, reproductive rights, gender equity and the environment.

This kit is intended to complement youth conferences by providing ideas and resources for teachers and students to work on these issues within the classroom. The kit was originally produced for Victorian Schools in 2000. As the issues covered in the kit change so rapidly, the kit has been updated often and was last updated in January 2004. Where possible, website and other contact details for relevant organizations have been provided so that people using the kit can continue to update the information.

The kit comes with handouts ready for use in the classroom and can be downloaded below.

Curriculum Kit Cover


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